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Hi, I'm Jeffro

Here’s my story…

Jeff Fulkerson, Founder of FroBro Web Technologies

I didn't always have a fro.

For most of my childhood, I had a flat top.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it was because it was safe, or it was simple.  

At one point in elementary school I had a rat tail, but that had to be cut off because it was against school rules.

It wasn’t until high school, at my mother’s continued prompting, that I decided to grow my hair out over the summer.  

Young Jeff Fulkerson

Turns out my hair was curly! And lo and behold, the fro was born. And it was glorious.

Jeff Fulkerson, Founder of FroBro Web Technologies

But beyond just having a more interesting hairstyle, my status on campus changed, along with my self-esteem.

I probably wouldn’t have said that I had low self-esteem before, but now I had something unique to be proud of.  Before, most people didn’t know who I was unless I took a class with them.  

Now, all 3,000 students on campus recognized me and my fro.  Sometimes people would reach out and touch it as they walked by in the hallway.  This was a great confidence booster.

It turned heads.  It was a conversation starter.  One time I was walking along the boardwalk near the beach, and two girls were riding bikes in the opposite direction.  One of them nearly crashed her bike as she tried to reach for my hair while riding by. 

I was getting noticed, and that made me feel good.

In addition to getting a cool nickname (“Jeffro”), having a fro made me realize I didn’t want to try and fit in a box anymore.  I never did like doing those personality tests or assessments, because I always felt like they were trying to fit me into a predetermined category.  

But being authentic and embracing what makes me different is life-giving.  I don’t have to fit in someone else’s box, and that’s okay.

Jeff Fulkerson, Founder of FroBro Web Technologies

Today, I want to do for others as the fro did for me.

I personally know the impact a great website (or fro) can have on your image and on the perception of others. As a business owner myself, I’m driven to help other business owners represent their business online in the best way possible.

I want your website to turn heads. To make you stand out.  To draw people to you. To give your business an elevated identity.

So that’s why I’m here, offering web design, SEO, consulting, and premium WordPress hosting.

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